Dreamcolors Creative Studio Ltd (DCS) is a registered company that deals with creativity of graphics design and delivering the business’s products branding, developing insightful advertisement video that will impact your products to have more customers. We as Dreamcolors Creative Studio Ltd as business’ brand is often composed of a term, a name, a sign, a symbol, or even a combination of all these elements. The main purpose of Dreamcolors Creative Studio Ltd is to creating such Inventive concept by proliferate awareness and identification of a product or service that a particular business is offering to consumers so as to differentiate them from other providers around the world.  

We are digital and business strategists that Intensify businesses by building advanced websites that meet the marketing strategies and creative brand Identity,  creative graphics which carry the corporate identity. We are experts of website design, Branding Identity and graphics designing,  sign, system development and graphics designing.

Meet the creatives
Ayubu Lulesu

Ayubu Lulesu

Founder / Chief of Creativity

Mr Ayubu Lulesu, holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from Institute of Accountancy Arusha (IAA) in Arusha Tanzania (2011- 2014). He is a Professional in graphics design & web developers driven with the…

Meleji Kitumi

Meleji Kitumi

Co-founder/ Managing Director

Mr. Meleji Kitumi Holds a Bachelor Degree, of Science  in Information System Management from Ardhi University Dar Es salaam, Tanzania (2011 - 2014). He is a Professional in IT Specialist…

Enid Charles

Enid Charles

Operations Manager

With the knowledge in project management, Economics and Finance, Enid ensure the activities within Dreamcolors Creative Studio Ltd runs smoothly and the projects are completed in time, makes sure that…

Our happy clients
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Paula May Yoga
Skystudios Africa
Intel Schools Arusha
Power Providers
Get Away Adventures
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